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Double sided nonstick grill pan


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Double-Sided Nonstick Grill Pan

  • The Double Sided Nonstick Pan allows easy and convenient flipping. 

  • Imagine frying fish and steak without oil splattering and smoke.

  •  Easy built-in magnetic on the handle to keep two halves shut. 

  • Our Double Sided Nonstick Pan is an FDA approved silicone seal reduces the smell, smoke, and oil splatter.

  • Retains heat and moisture for juicy, tender food. Special Silicon Pressure Gasket - An FDA approved silicone seal that reduces the smell, smoke, and oil splatter, including the ability to retain heat and moisture for the juiciest and most tender food. 

  • Strong Magnetic Handle - A revolutionary one-touch type that opens and closes the lid conveniently.

  •  Strong magnetic force holds and pushes the pan to enhance pressure inside.

  • Solid grill specialized in roasting - You can enjoy plain cooking and a real sense of grilling when you roast various meat or fishes 


  • 3 Layer Non-stick Coating - Durable Non-Stick coating Dishwasher Safe Interior coating

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