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Wireless meat thermometer


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Wireless Meat Thermometer

Grilling meat accurately and yet have plenty of time for your guests! 
Serve your guests and friends always perfectly cooked meat. 
The beauty of it: you need not even be on the stove or grill. 
You take the external display in the mobile format with easy to the table, So you have the grill status at a glance. When the meat is done it also in a beep. 
Whether beef, pork, fish or poultry: The professional BBQ Thermometer knows 8 types of meat. And with 5 different cooking levels to meet guarantees the taste of each guest. 
The handling is very easy: Simply adjust the type of meat and doneness, insert temperature sensor into the food and wait comfortably. 
You can look forward to a stress-free and all around delicious BBQ parties. 
Very easy to use: 
insert the probe into the meat, take the display to the table 
8 types of meat: beef, lamb, veal, hamburger/meatballs, pork, turkey, chicken, fish 
5 different cooking levels: from bloody to well 
Extra large display with temperature and selected settings 
Automatic alarm when the desired degree of doneness 
Individually comfortably: Own Grill-target temperature adjustable (max. 250 degrees) 
Function: Stopwatch and countdown timer 
Great wireless range up to 30 meters 
Dimensions: Display: 62 s 26 x 120mm, 84Gramm (without battery), 
Transmitter / sensor: 50 x 24 x 73 mm, easy 37Gramm (without batteries) 
Type 4 AAA batteries required (not included) 
Material: Plastic  Stainless Steel