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18 February, 2018 / by Chow Comments(0)

Indian-Spiced Potato Tots Recipe

Indian-Spiced Potato Tots RecipeCredit: Chow 1 1/4 pounds russet potatoes (about 2 medium), scrubbed 1 teaspoon plus 1 1/2 to 2 cups canola oil 3/4 teaspoon panch phoron, finely ground...

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17 January, 2018 / by The Pioneer Woman Comments(0)

Perfect Potatoes au Gratin

Perfect Potatoes au GratinCredit: The Pioneer Woman 4 whole Russet Potatoes, Scrubbed Clean 2 Tablespoons Butter, Softened 1-1/2 cup Heavy Cream 1/2 cup Whole Milk 2 Tablespoons Flour 4 cloves...

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08 January, 2018 / by The Pioneer Woman Comments(0)

Perfect Potato Soup

Perfect Potato SoupCredit: The Pioneer Woman 6 slices Thin Bacon, Cut Into 1-inch Pieces 1 whole Medium Onion, Diced 3 whole Carrots, Scrubbed Clean And Diced 3 stalks Celery, Diced...

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26 December, 2017 / by Simply Recipes Comments(0)

Oven Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Oven Baked Sweet Potato FriesCredit: Simply Recipes 2 pounds sweet potatoes, about 3 large ones 1/4 cup olive or other vegetable oil 1-2 Tbsp sugar 1 Tbsp salt 1-2 Tbsp...

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